Best Empowerment Tips

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1. Take uncharacteristic action:

For example:

Uncharacteristic Communication

Uncharacteristic Location

Uncharacteristic Media

Uncharacteristic Ideas

Uncharacteristic Participation

Uncharacteristic Respect

Uncharacteristic Gifts

Uncharacteristic Scale

Uncharacteristic Style

Uncharacteristic Overtures

Uncharacteristic Reduction in Tension

2. Creative use of awareness:  “What are you aware of right now about yourself, about others, about the situation?”

3. Helicopter:  “If you were now a helicopter, how high would you raise  yourself and what would you then see?”

4. Take 100 percent responsibility.

5. Create a Double Bind:  “What opposing forces can you reveal or introduce, that will force new levels of thinking?”

6. Distinguish what’s happening from interpretations:  ‘What’s actually happening?”

7. Inquire Appreciatively:  “What do I want my question to accomplish?”

8. Practice Beginners Mind

9. Accept inconsistency:  “What is the inconsistency I cannot accept, which if I accepted it, would bring me back to mission?”

10. Use conversations for relationship, possibility, opportunity, action, breakdown.

11. Make unreasonable requests.

12. Listen Generously.

13. Speak from the heart.

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