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Your First Ninety Days on the Job

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You’ve graduated with a bachelor’s degree and within a short space of time you have been hired to work at a major corporate giant. Two months down the line you’re already feeling out of your depth; missing university life and most importantly you’re just not adapting to the corporate culture. Traditional career advice helps you land that job but is limited in guiding you maintain that job. Here are a few guidelines to follow during your first ninety days on the job:

Dress for success

The importance of a dress code for professionalism varies somewhat by industry and the relationship between the two aspects is strong. An individual makes a visual impression in under 30 seconds hence attire is a strong extension of one’s brand so I would suggest dressing for the job you want and not for the job you already have. Regardless of your mood or circumstances but dressing well elevates your confidence. You can also utilize your style to express your individualism in the most uplifting way provided it’s within the corporate culture.

360-degree mindset change

Valerie Naidoo

It’s not just about landing that job you’ve also got to maintain that job and adjust to the corporate culture. Transitioning from college life to the corporate world requires a 360-degree turn. Showing up to lectures after 3 days of hardcore partying, non-adherence to time keeping, breaking rules and dressing down should not be carried over into the corporate life if you want to be taken seriously. An adjustment to the mindset determines your success and career progression.

Adjusting to corporate culture

The corporate culture is fast paced and intense and it’s almost like stepping into the unknown. Take the time to understand the organizational structure, the vision, and values of the organization. People engagement is another key aspect and is just as important as acquiring the knowledge and skill in doing the job. Finally, adherence to schedule and time management is second to none and reflects your commitment to your career, environment and the people around you.

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