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Case Studies and Questions to Ask Yourself

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During your most recent coaching session with SVP, she has shared with you that her marriage is foundering, and she feels an enormous sense of guilt that she spends very little time with her two young children.  In essence, the nanny knows her children better than she does.  You also have begun to sense that she may have some issues with depression and anxiety, caused not only by her personal issues, but also by concerns she has voiced about being able to hit this quarter’s sales goals.  Not only that, but she has also confided that, to help cope, she has begun drinking more than she used to, including at lunch and behind closed doors in her office.


[Courtesy of Lynn Meinke, Institute for Life Coach Training Faculty]

Sharon hires Mark as her coach. She would like to move forward on her career path that’s more exciting and create a life of balance and fulfillment and build a career that’s more exciting.

As she creates balance in her life she becomes more energetic, more creative and experiences life as a wonderful adventure, she’s able to move along her career path from Managing Consultant to Director of Professional Services which better meets her personal values. She begins to realize that she is not only positively impacting her customers but her companies’ bottom line as well.

During Sharon’s time coaching with Mark she realizes she is attracted to him. One day in coaching she brings up this topic and he realizes he is attracted to her as well. Since Sharon had achieved what she wanted in her coaching, she decides to end her coaching with Mark. They decide to begin dating and become sexually intimate.

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