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Case Studies and Questions to Ask Yourself

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Is this ethical in the coaching profession according to the any recognizable Code of Ethics?


  1. What statements make your ethical intuition speak?
  2. Which ethical standards may be relevant?
  3. What is your course of action as a coach?
  4. If another coach shared this with you, what would you do?


All coaches and professionals who also engage in the coaching process should be aware of the pitfalls of online/internet communication.  For example, when I contract with corporate or government employees, I always ask what email they prefer me to use and which phone number as well.  And of course our email communication is minimal unless the client has agreed on receiving a report or data that he/she may share with superiors as necessary or appropriate.  But what about with private clients, who contract with you and pay with their own money? Both types of contracted clients needs to know the safe and secure ways to communicate as email is not always safe, and some other methods, such as Skype, linked In and others should be used cautiously.   There is a source for learning more detail at http://onlinetherapyinstitute.com/ethical-framework-for-the-use-of-technology-in-coaching/ where they discuss, encryption, firewalls, when and how to communicate in an online environment and much more.   Created by Kate Anthony (England) and DeeAnna Nagel (USA), a comprehensive site for ethical decision-making and awareness related to the online/virtual environment of client services.

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