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Coaching in Another Language: The Benefits and Advantages for Clients

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Higher Engagement

The coaching clients make a more personal effort to get the maximum benefit out of each session, and they have the sense that their coach is more objective. They stay focused on the dialogue, hence remain present. They also feel that their brain is more activate and more alive in everything they express. After all, their brain is thinking in two languages and switching from one idea to another to make themselves understood.

Additionally, the clients reported that coaching in another language allows them to be more authentic, more creative and resourceful, which increases their emotional intelligence and their self-confidence. Above all, the clients appreciated the advantage to get the possibility to work with an experienced coach from another country.

My coaching journey started 10 years ago. From the first moment I started receiving coaching as a client in English, I realized that I enjoyed it more than in my native language. I could see the opportunities and the advantages.

This survey allowed me to prove these opportunities. Perhaps in the future there will be opportunities for more in-depth research to explore the magnificent things that happen in our brain (and soul) when we are in this space where cultures and languages merge to form a common alliance between the coach and the client.

This article was originally published on ICF’s Coaching World.

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