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Untangling the Complexity of Mind – Manitva – For a Better Relationship

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Have you ever wondered, a specific event or situation can trigger our mind and our mind begin its travel, gets hanged on, in a complex pit stop and sometimes entrapped into a complex trap and unable to come out of it.

What do you think is the end result? Friends/Relations around saying , “ Ah, such a moody person and doesn’t react to what I say or listen to me. Not a social person and doesn’t value relationships”.

Obviously, How can the so called ‘Moody’ person react, when his mind is entrapped into a complex pit and struggling in an altogether different world unable to come out of the unreal world ?

Mind’s Complex Pit Stop

 Manitvam, where the mind halts due to an exaggerated thought of one’s own good qualities or capabilities. The result is a Psychological thriller scenario when there is no admirer or acknowledgment on those capabilities or qualities.

A simple self-respectfulness is a basic expectation of every mind; Of course, that’s a wonderful quality. What happens when self-respectfulness is boomed?

When self-respect becomes boomed, exaggerated, it does not just impact our attitude toward ourselves, but it pushes us from internal of our self, to demand respect from others in an abnormal way, that, it makes us over-react and behave so sane if we do not receive the demanded respect or recognition from people around us, whom we think are the Certifying authority of our qualities/skillset.

Question Yourself

 Take 2 min on the below Questions!

Do you get doubtful about the task that you have excelled, just because you aren’t being appreciated? What happens when you perform well and being appreciated by everyone, but you are not convinced of your performance? Which takes a higher toll on you?

Analyse and Rewire Self

 Think deeply for 2 min on the below points!

Do the flowers have the quality of Manitva? Do they decide to blossom basis acceptance of them by someone?

Do the waves stop when it has no one to touch at the shore?

You can help yourself by taking steps towards ‘Being Amanitva’ – The Opposite of ‘Manitva’ !

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