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Untangling the Complexity of Mind – Manitva – For a Better Relationship

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When will Manitva stop?

 Do you keep analysing about a person who has failed appreciating you or admire you? Let them not admire you or appreciate you; but the time you spend on analyzing the reason is really not worth. You are skilled; but why would you need someone to certify you on your skills. When you don’t receive that Certification from someone, does it mean you haven’t reached the benchmark! Never the case! That’s just an illusion driving us crazy and putting our confidence down!

Step out of Manitva and start following Amanitva!

 Not being dissatisfied with your inner circle if not getting the right appreciation on your Capabilities/Skills.

Feeling good even if your idea is saving one’s reputation/life , still you aren’t being acknowledged.

Feeling so loved looking at the Mirror when you got a lovely dress with a perfect makeover, and still not being admired by anyone.

Enjoy the meal when you cooked a tasty one, and either no one to taste them or no mouth to appreciate them after tasting the meal.

Experience the world and love being in the world, even if your beloved ones are busy out.


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