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Achieving Escape Velocity

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I was asked by my good friend and colleague, Charlie Smith, to write an article on Escape Velocity, the energy required to break free of the gravitational pull not only of the earth but of “the way things are.”  As he puts it, “the possibility that each of us can break free of our own gravity pull about ‘the way it is’ and create moments of transcendence, individually and collectively, and at any point in time.” I have a few personal experiences to draw on that inform my thinking on this topic.

Those Amazing Molecules

When I was about 10, we had just learned about atoms and molecules, the basic building blocks of matter, we were told.  A few days later, I was in my basement walking toward the door that led to our back yard.   Just as I reached for the knob, I heard someone upstairs open the front  door of our house.  At that precise second, I saw  the downstairs door, which was ajar, jerk about an inch as if it had been pushed.  I was fascinated!  Air molecules must have done this, I thought.

The one thing I couldn’t figure out was this, “How did the air molecules travel all the way from the upstairs door to push the downstairs door so quickly?” The two door events seemed to happen almost at once.  At the time, this didn’t make any sense to me.

I later realized that all the air molecules in our house were already connected and the air was saturated with them so no real distance had to be traveled from one door to the other. A change in one affected all of them and the pressure on the upstairs air molecules affected the downstairs air molecules almost simultaneously.  That was one of my first experiences of how, on some unseen level, things are connected to each other.  That realization changed my view of myself in relation to my environment.

Life After Death?

In another example, I have read many accounts of people who were pronounced clinically dead but who were later revived. It’s called a near-death experience.  One woman claimed that unlike our experience while on earth where we have to physically travel to get from one place to another. After she “died” she found she was able to travel to her sister’s house in Texas just by thinking about her sister.  Instantly, she was in her sister’s kitchen watching the sister answer the phone to receive the news of this woman’s death. Later, the woman was able to recall the exact wording of the conversation that the sister used after hearing the news. I can’t prove whether any of this happened but it does present an interesting paradigm for the manifestation of one’s intentions.

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