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Achieving Escape Velocity

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Imagine the implications for our planet if people believed this idea. Would we need fossil fuels, fracking, power lines, man-made grids?  Would Greenland be melting? Would we be setting the stage for a global game of “Who Moved My Cheese?” (or coastline).  The gravitational pull of our existing beliefs about the scarcity of energy and how we create it may seriously affect our survival yet, thus far, very few are escaping its grip.  What would it take, short of a natural catastrophe for us to change our perspective in this area?

Nothing to Escape From

The notion of an escape velocity presupposes a kind of effort needed to overcome the pull of the laws that currently govern us.  That assumption may be incorrect.  Maybe no effort is needed at all. Rather, the only thing required  to transcend our current boundaries is perhaps a clear vision of what we want and an experience of how we would  feel having accomplished our goal.  We’d still take actions but they would be inspired actions rather than ones borne of fear, a belief in hard work, or some moral imperative.

We’d also need to believe that this could be possible while letting go of what we think we need to do to make it happen (the “how”). What if the only thing we needed to escape from is our own narrow understanding of how manifestation occurs and our belief in how separate we all are from each other (remember the molecules?)  I often wonder how our lives would be different if our collective perspective aligned with the quantum physicists and the spiritualists and we functioned as if we were living in an intelligent, conscious and participatory universe.



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