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Resilience and Human Nature

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by Beth Masterman and Fernando Morais

What if you knew you would emerge from a difficult challenge stronger, wiser, and even more resilient than before? How would you feel knowing the instant you become aware of possible disaster that the decisions you make will be the right ones?

If you are a leader who enjoys what you do and who wants to be resilient, then read on. This article is for dedicated and purposeful leaders who want to face adversity with realistic optimism, agility, and resilience for themselves and for those who depend upon them in uncertain times. When danger looms, a leader’s role and responsibility is to grasp the situation and then provide credible, current, factual information. Also, people will turn to their leaders for compassion and a way forward.

This article offers five pathways for finding and filling your reservoir of resilience when you need it most. The technique is based upon a metaphor to remind us that we are part of the natural world and deeply in sync with its five elements:  Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether. These elements were once thought to make up everything. To be sure, our understanding of the universe has become more nuanced and sophisticated, but these elements remain unchanged, are part of who we are, and hold a message for us about human resilience.

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