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Achieving Escape Velocity

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Functioning as a Separate Entity

Today, I still function, as do most of us, as if we are all separate entities operating in empty space.  I perform my actions to accomplish what I intend. My energy and individual effort generally makes it all happen.  Even though I interact with people and am grateful for their assistance, I don’t often experience myself as part of a great web of interconnected cooperative energy unless I think about it.

Left to my own devices and based partly on my brain’s tendency toward ADD and ADHD, my progress in accomplishing my goals through my own efforts is erratic and uneven.  My patterns of fits and starts are pretty familiar to me and I find myself at the effect of my long held beliefs about myself, life and others.  So how am I supposed to generate the escape velocity to break through these predictable patterns and beliefs that limit me?


Here’s what doesn’t work for me (despite what Tony Robbins recommends in his courses)—massive effort towards my goal.  In my experience, using my will to generate my own head of steam to accomplish something leads inevitably to overwhelming resistance.  As they say, “Will power creates won’t power.”  After a lot of effort and excitement toward accomplishing a new goal and some initial progress, I tend to conclude that “I deserve a break today.”  I go from, “I’m definitely doing this” to “I don’t think I want to do this anymore.”  Usually, it isn’t even a conscious decision.  I just find myself drifting to other more interesting projects with often similar end results.

The Importance of Relationship

Even though I and many others feel the gravitational pull of our own internal resistance and tend to procrastinate after setting an intention, I find that I am much more likely to do what I have said I will do when I have given my word to someone else. Curiously, the strength of that relationship is often stronger than my relationship with myself. I may let myself down but I won’t let my friends down. I like the idea of being someone my friends and loved ones can count on so I tend to keep my promises to them. I wonder if I would have finished this article on time had I not promised Charlie that I would.

Invoking the Power of the Unified Field

Getting back to the woman who presumably died and came back to talk about it, what if, on this physical plane, we didn’t need to make any extra effort to bring about our goals?  What if, like that woman, all we had to do was think about something for it to manifest for us.   On some level, doesn’t that happen to us already?  Have you ever been thinking about someone and they called you a few seconds later?  Have you ever envisioned something that later manifested in front of you without your making direct effort to make this happen? Is that just a coincidence?  Maybe not. Quantum physicists would point to this as evidence of what they call the unified field, the matrix of all matter, the everywhere-present context or energy from which all creation springs. According to them, our very focus on something, giving it our attention, changes the unified field and brings the unmanifest into physical form.

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