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Journey to Irony II: The Lands of Gamma and Delta

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I also notice that the architecture of Delta is a bit odd. Beta offers a blueprint for order and uniformity, featuring large modern buildings that resemble glass cubes and stately premodern government buildings with the prerequisite columns and strategically-based statues honoring the fallen war heroes and noble founders of Beta By contrast, the Delta buildings tend to be an amalgamation of many styles. Delta offers a blueprint for disorder and diversity. Delta buildings are composed of both concrete and wood, with a smattering of marble and brick. Some of the buildings even display warped surfaces. Frank Gehry’s designs are alive and well in Delta. These compositions and designs seem appropriate given the placement of Delta on the warped plane of postmodernism.

I see a building that reminds me of Gehry’s European building honoring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers: one building is leaning into the other and both seem to swing and sway. The building in Delta is a bit more up to date. It honors a dance at the end of the movie, Greece, featuring Olivia Newton John and John Travolta. Both buildings display gleaming black marble and obsidian facades (honoring the outfits worn by both Olivia and John during their dance). One of the building is very slim and glass-filled (in honor of Olivia), while the second, adjacent building is larger with less glass and more granite (in honor of John). As with Fred and Ginger’s buildings, Olivia’s is leaning seductively toward John’s.

I look for a record shop, but soon discover that records are no longer sold in Delta stories. Residents of this land order them on the Internet—thereby gaining greater access to a much broader selection of recordings. When I check my own mobile phone (that seems to be working in Delta, but in none of the other lands), I find that there is an abundance of musical options—ranging from the swing music of the 1930s to contemporary Rap music.

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