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Journey to Irony II: The Lands of Gamma and Delta

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The latter form of music is dominant. Rap songs offer melody and rhythm interweaving with social and political commentary. I was surprised (and pleased) to find that the compositions of Steven Sondheim also populated my mobile device—ranging from poignant songs coming from Company and Follies to those (more complex and challenging) some coming from his later works (Assassins and Passion).

I am particularly taken with the playing of two songs from Company: “Sorry/Grateful” and “Being Alive”, These two seem to capture something of the Irony found in the complex relationships among intimate couples and in the inevitable appearance of Irony in the life of anyone who is truly “alive.” I appreciate the recognition of this intimate Irony among the residents of Delta. Hard Irony is to be found deeply embedded in human relationships. There is even the appearance on my mobile device of Sondheim’s early musical, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, that offers “fleeting irony” in its plot and songs.

There is a second musical that seems to be quite popular in Delta—or at least on the play list that is being promoted on my mobile app. This musical is Hamilton—a contemporary Broadway musical that fits the bill in Delta: focusing on the life of the American founding father, Alexander Hamilton. This musical (written by Lin-Manual Miranda) incorporates ballads, hip hop, rap and discursive form of recitative. With irony, actors of color inhabit and powerfully enact the roles of the “very-white” founding fathers of the American republic. The music I am hearing on my mobile device is warping around and wrapping around widely divergent musical forms and content.

I appreciate what I have learned about Delta from the musical tastes of its residents. However, I want to push my learning about Delta culture and society further. I spend some time wandering around the streets of Delta. I continue to be impressed with the diversity of elements in the music of Delta and the architecture of the Delta building. I am impressed with the intertwining and mashup (officially called “pastiche”) of different art forms.

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