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Six Institutional Cultures and the Coaching Challenges

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Advocacy Culture

Vehicle for establishing equitable and egalitarian distribution of organization resources and benefits

Value confrontation and equitable, enabling and empowering strategies that bring “all to the table”

Recognize inevitable presence of and need for multiple constituencies with inherently opposite interests

Surface existing social attitudes and structures Not “neutral” about her work

Untested assumptions about ultimate role of power in the organization

Alternative Culture

Vehicle for program and activity creation for personal growth of all

Value personal openness and service to others

Integration of mind, body and spirit

No ‘artificial’ distinction between personal and organizational coaching

Encourage potential for cognitive, affective, physical and spiritual development

Untested assumptions about inherent desire to attain personal maturation

Virtual Culture

Vehicle for engagement and use of knowledge and expertise that is produced and modified at an exponential rate in postmodern world

Linking leader’s learning needs to technological resources to access global market and learning network

Wise and skillful in using digital technologies

Actively engaged in setting up own network and accessing global coaching resources

Untested assumptions about ability to make sense of postmodern world fragmentation and ambiguity

Tangible Culture

Vehicle for identification ad appreciation of an organization’s roots, community and symbolic grounding

Predictability of value-based, face-to-face coaching

Focus on deeply embedded patterns and traditions

Surface existing social attitudes and structures

Emphasis on full appreciation of existing long- standing organization dynamics

Untested assumptions about value of personal relationships and ability of organizations to “weather the storm” of faddish change

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