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The Journey from Group to Team: Stages of Development and the Human Spectrum

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Helps the team members become and remain honest about themselves and the team

Secures the container for continued team trust

Ensures the team reviews and redefines its purpose, priorities and processes when appropriate

Models mature management of conflict and requires team members to manage differences directly and productively

Models coach-based leadership practices and teaches the team to coach each other individually and collectively

We recommend a second strategy for the maintenance of effective Team performance. This relates to the shifting role of group members in the ongoing monitoring of their own operations. Team Self-Assessments are a way for Teams to stay honest, avoid blind spots and create the needed conversations. Here is a list of categories that might be the basis for this self-assessment. They are directly aligned with the themes introduced in this essay:

  2. GOALS
  3. ROLES

Beyond Performing

Lately, theorists about group development and practitioners of Team development often add a fifth stage, called “Adjourning”. This fifth stage signifies the formal ending of a Team, or at least of a specific project or mission. It can also be used, as can the former four phases, by long-term working Teams. They see the benefit of punctuating their work with celebrations and recognize that sometimes they must deal with the shifting of Team membership. From a task standpoint, loose ends must be tied up and legacy materials passed on. The question becomes: “What have we really accomplished?” At a personal level, there can be some grieving mixed in with the celebrating, and the question becomes: “How do I want to remember this journey and with whom will I remain in touch?”

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