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The Leadership Spectrum

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Following is a 30 minute summary of a specific model of leadership called The Leadership Spectrum. The presentation is being made by Dr. William Bergquist, author of this leadership model.


Following is an outline of the Leadership Spectrum presentation.

The Three Domains of Life

      The Three Colors

          Ruby Red

              Domain of Ideas


          Azure Blue

               Domain of Intentions


          Golden Yellow

               Domain of Information


Ruby Red: General

  • Domain of Ideas: Heat
  • Building a Fire to Generate Energy: How Do We Start Moving Forward?
  • Courage: Taking Action
  • “Don’t Just Stand There Do Something!”

Azure Blue: General

  • Domain of Intentions: Inspiration
  • Looking Up at the Sky to See Beyond the Present State: Toward What Are We Going to Move?
  • Vision: Finding Direction
  • “Where Are We Going?”

Golden Yellow: General

  • Domain of Information: Illumination
  • Finding Sunlight to Establish Our Current State: What is Our Current Reality?
  • Wisdom: Discovering Best Path
  • “Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!”
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