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The Leadership Spectrum

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Strengths Become Weaknesses


Ruby Red Leadership

     Overused Preferences

          Acting without Adequate Information or Clear Intentions

     Under Conditions of Interpersonal Anxiety

          Moving Against Other People: Confrontation [Karen Horney]       

          Isolation: Not Conferring With Other People



Azure Blue Leadership

     Overused Preferences

          Pointing to/Promoting Specific Intention(s) Without Adequate Information or                                        Idea(s) about How to Work Toward Intention(s)

     Under Conditions of Interpersonal Anxiety

         Moving Toward Other People: Appeasement [Karen Horney]

          Isolation: Not Working With Other People In Creating a Shared Vision



Golden Yellow Leadership

     Overusing Preferences

          Failing to Act in a Timely Manner

     Under Conditions of Interpersonal Anxiety

          Moving Away from Other People: Estrangement [Karen Horney]

          Isolation: Analysis-Paralysis Without Outside Input to Break the Obsession



Rainbow [Pot of Gold]: General 

  • Integration of the Three Domains: Moving to Fourth and Fifth “I”
  • Initiation: Actually Moving Forward with Integrated Information, Intentions and Ideas
  • Insight: Reviewing and Learning from Impact of Actions Taken
  • Rainbow [Pot of Gold]: Heat/Sun/Sky
  • Collaboration: Working with Others to Achieve and Learn
  • “Let’s Put Our Heads and Hearts Together!”

Rainbow Leadership

  • Facilitating/Participating
  • Building the Relationship Around Constructive Dialogue
  • Overusing Preference
  • Getting caught up in concern for group/team process rather than outcomes
  • Interpersonal Neediness: Always looking to Other People for Self-Confirmation
  • Seeming to be unpredictable (“Who is Going to Show Up Today!”)

Reiterating the Important Message

You get in trouble as a leader not from engagement of your weaknesses, but rather from the excessive or inappropriate uses of your strengths!!!

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