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What is Legacy Leadership™?

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 Dr. Jeannine Sandstrom and Dr. Lee Smith

Legacy Leadership™ is the wisdom of the ages structured and packaged for today’s – and tomorrow’s – leaders.  Its truths and Best Practices are timeless, proven keys to sustained significance – and form the foundation for real-time legacy in today’s business environment.  Legacy Leadership ™ is a complete program – a philosophy, a process and a model.  Legacy Leadership ™ is not a leadership style – it is a life system and a way of “being” not just “doing.”

This vital and highly adaptable model was developed as the result of over 40 years of the combined experiences of the CoachWorks® principals in individual, corporate and organizational leadership development.  The founders of CoachWorks® International have refined reliable time-honored principles into an intentional, powerful system for leadership success – today and tomorrow – and for self as well as others.

Legacy, in this model, is not about building things, but building people.  It is about investing in individual leaders who then share what they have learned with others.  Legacy is realized in this perpetuating cycle of leadership development by enabling your personal and organization plan to come alive and thrive.  Your best self is offered to others in order to develop their best selves and so on, leaving a multi-generational imprint – a living legacy.

What are the Underpinnings of the Model of Legacy Leadership™

Drs. Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith developed the Legacy Leadership™ program as a result of their work with business leaders in all sectors.  When they observed the most common behaviors of successful leaders, they identified the Best Practices that set outstanding leaders apart from their peers.  When they listened to the deepest issues that were on leaders’ minds, they were matters of legacy.  This legacy program was developed as a map for ensuring excellence in leadership practices that would enable leaders to leave the legacy they intend.

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