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Legacy Leadership: The World Talk Radio Interview with Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith

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Interview Conducted by Brenda Chaddock and Carollyne Conlinn

Brenda Chaddock: Welcome everyone to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Leadership.  My name is Brenda Chaddock.  I, along with my business partner Carollyne Conlinn have a company called Limitless Leadership which is what we believe about leadership, that our possibilities are absolutely limitless in every possible way.

Carollyne and I are hosting conversations with people who are leading in amazing ways in the world.  Some of these will be familiar to you and some may even surprise you.  Today we have some very special guests, Dr. Lee Smith and Dr. Jeanine Sandstrom, who are the authors of a leadership model that we will speak to you about in a few minutes,

How do we proceed from here?  Before introducing Carollyne and our guests I’d like to mention that we’ve chosen a leadership model called Legacy Leadership which Carollyne and I love and use essentially in all our work and essentially all the places of our lives I would feel comfortable saying.  You’ll hear much more about the model through this show from Dr. Smith and Dr. Sandstrom in a few minutes as we introduce them.

Who can lead? We all can. A few days ago, my 27 year old son said to me, “Mom, leadership is a life choice.” The very statement blew me away as I don’t think I probably would have said that at his age or even a decade later. How can we put all our leadership brilliance into practice sooner rather than later?  That’s my favorite question.  I would now like to introduce and welcome my business partner and great friend Carollyne Conlinn to share a little of her vision for our time together.  Carollyne?

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