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Legacy Leadership: The World Talk Radio Interview with Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith

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Carollyne Conlinn: Thanks Brenda.  Well I love how you’ve just covered the landscape for us and given us the general scope of the shows that we’ll be doing, the guests we’ll be having.  Our vision for the show is really to showcase the depth and scope of the Legacy Leadership Model that we both hold in high regard.  As well we want to introduce our listeners to the many exceptional ways that leadership is expressed in the world.  You referred to some of the environments where leadership is certainly applicable.

We have gathered together so many people that we admire and respect that we are showcasing on these shows. We’re delighted to introduce our listeners to these guests. Thirdly, because this is how we like to engage with others we want to create meaningful conversations with these leaders in ways that will inspire you to grow yourself as a leader both in your life and in your world.  I think those are for me the highlights, Brenda, of what our vision is for this show.

Brenda: Thanks Carollyne. Why don’t we just take a couple of minutes?  Because this is the first show people are probably wondering, “Well who are these people and who chose them to host a leadership conversation with us?” We thought we might take just a couple of minutes to introduce ourselves as we have gathered our relationship together over the past several years.  Let’s begin with Carollyne.  Would you like to tell the little story of how we met and how it brought it to Legacy Leadership?

Carollyne: Sure Brenda.  Love to. Brenda and I met basically on a cruise ship that never left the dock. We both thought we would love to be delivering leadership training at sea in the Seminars at Sea business.  So, we arrived not knowing each other and ended up at a table together.  I guess we could say the rest was history because when we began to share our ideas about leadership it was no time at all before I was sharing with Brenda the Legacy Leadership Model that I had just been introduced to by our guests today, Dr. Jeannine Sandstrom and Dr. Lee Smith.

When I was in the room with them on their first training which was right after 9/11 in the U.S. so that we knew everyone who was in that room was there because they were committed to growing their own leadership and learning more about this fabulous model that our authors had been working on for many years prior to that I just knew that I was needing something, a model, a framework, a way of thinking about leadership that would serve me and my clients forever. As I began to share this with Brenda we just looked at each other and said, “Why are we looking any further?”  That’s when it happened. On the cruise ship. We’re still waiting for that cruise ship event.  I’m sure it’ll happen one of these days Brenda.

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