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Legacy Leadership: The World Talk Radio Interview with Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith

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Brenda: I was just visualizing that organization because so many organizations operate in the command and control environment and in our coaching practice as well when we see the shift that occurs I mean night and day hardly describes it. Thank you for that Jeannine.

Jeannine: This works so effectively.

Brenda: I also heard you say – what I didn’t hear you say was that the leader himself wasn’t necessarily the innovator.  What he did was create the environment where others could, first of all, collaborate in order to then innovate and create results that were spectacular for that company.

Jeannine: That’s actually really so. He frankly got out of their way.  He quit browbeating them and created an environment where their natural gifts and strengths were able to come forth. It didn’t change the matrix or the quotas at all.

Brenda: Exactly.

Jeannine: It was a completely different way of moving toward them.

Brenda: I’m thinking we could just listen to this story for the rest of the show but I’d love to move on and make sure that our listeners hear about every one of our best practices in this show. So, if we may let’s move on to best practice three. Again, the way this best practice is named is Influencer of Inspiration and Leadership. It’s about connecting with individuals and the heart of relationships.  Lee we’d love to hear from you what this means to you.

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