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Legacy Leadership: The World Talk Radio Interview with Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith

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Carollyne: One of the things I’ve been reflecting on as I’ve heard the whole discussion about the best practices during this hour so far is this – the other word in the model which is the legacy word. We’ve spoken about how the model really wants to highlight how we live our legacy rather than simply leave it.

Brenda and I are tangible examples of this legacy in action because, of course, Lee and Jeannine were the ones who designed and codified all of the information in this rich model and then they shared it with others.  I happened to be in that first room when they were training and introducing this model to the world.  I then met Brenda, shared it with her and together she – Brenda and I have had the privilege of taking Legacy Leadership and of sharing it with others who want to take it into their organizations and on and on it goes. We have so many stories that it could fill up many more than the 13 hours of this show. What we want to share with you are some of the places and the ways that Legacy Leadership has been introduced to the world.  So, Brenda, if you can just speak briefly about Legacy Leadership in business and organizations –

Brenda:  Thanks Carollyne. Yes, we like to think about this as coming from a foundation of strength. What and where can Legacy Leadership also be and show up?  This has been a very organic process over the time that Carollyne and I have been involved with this model.  In addition to doing some public certifications which you’ve heard about we do the primary part of our Legacy Leadership in the business sector, in organizations where we custom design programs and we’ve been – had the great privilege of seeing Legacy Leadership integrated from the top to the bottom, from side to side so that people are actually living in their organizations in a much more connected and effective way.  So after the great experience – for us now it’s about six years of working with Legacy Leadership in organizations – it’s begun to pop up in other environments and between Lee, Jeannine and Carollyne they’re going to introduce you to some of those opportunities.

Carollyne: Thanks Brenda.  Well speaking of Legacy one of the first things that I thought about when I heard about this model is, “How can I share it with my kids?”  Both Brenda and I have had our children in our rooms when we’re offering facilitation of this process and this model. That’s been inspiring as well. I live in a community with many children and so we decided to offer a summer camp one year. My daughter, who had studied Legacy Leadership, Brenda’s son who had been in the room as well who was a filmmaker came together to offer summer camp for kid around Legacy Leadership.  What we learned from those kids and their understanding of this best practice now teaches adults in every room where we work with Legacy Leadership.  So, kids are part of our inspiration for continuing to do this work.

Brenda:  Humbling wouldn’t you say Carollyne?

Carollyne: More than a little.  [Laughter]  So the natural next place –

Brenda Humbling and inspiring.

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