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Legacy Leadership: The World Talk Radio Interview with Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith

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Brenda:  Thank you Jeannine.  I must confess we all have our little biases and our favorites and in the Legacy Leadership Model my favorite is – my favorites are best practices two and four.  They are the ones that attracted me.  I love to innovate collaboratively, and I love the idea that we all have a voice that maybe hasn’t been heard much.

Jeannine: Yes.

Brenda:  When I hear you speak Jeannine about allowing people’s passion and unique features to come forward, I once heard it expressed that the single trait that we all share in the world, every person on the planet is the desire to be heard. Not necessarily agreed with, to be heard and seen. This best practice is the embodiment of, “Aren’t you terrific?  Look at this strength and skill that you may have that no one else in this organization may ever have known.”  Then I just want to say a word before we go to best practice five about the whole idea of advocacy which can be advocating absolutely for the uniquenesses so that we’re not all being the same or trying to be –

Jeannine: Exactly.

Brenda:  – and also sometimes the opportunity for us as leaders to advocate for people who may feel at the time and the moment that they don’t have a voice. Such an opportunity for us. Anything more you’d like to say about that before we move into best practice five?

Jeannine: Well I’ll admit too that it’s one of my favorites, one of my two because as a child I certainly was one who was told to keep quiet.

Brenda:  You didn’t do that well.

Jeannine: I’m not surprised we’re both saying that.  [Laughter]  I want to make sure there is room for others to have their voices heard, not only invited but required for their fullness.

Brenda: Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  For us to show up just as we are not as our parents said, “Speak when you’re spoken to,” and all that stuff that really doesn’t work in the world. Thank you.  Lee, please wrap us up with best practice five around the picture of this model and then we’ll pull it all together.

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