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Legacy Leadership: The World Talk Radio Interview with Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith

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Lee: Brenda, there’s a lot of matrices and a lot of measurements, but that’s not pulled together with someone truly accountable for calibrating all of that and keeping it as a whole focus. It’s still bits and pieces that it often is missed as a real skill set in an organization.

Brenda: Exactly. Thank you. What it also reminds me of is Lee and Jeannine often refer to best practice one which is setting the direction for the organization, the community, the project, whatever you’re doing and best practice five which is calibrating who’s doing what and how do we know.  They call them the bookends. We have come to call them the bookends. What it reminds me of is how important it is to be what we think of the thermostat first – so we’re setting the temperature – and then being a thermometer that checks in every once in awhile to ensure that we’re going in the direction we want to.

Another favorite piece for me in Legacy Leadership is the idea that I never have to throw anything out. I’m the biggest pack rat personally, professionally and in every way in my mind and my house. I love the idea that I can be a fan of Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard and Robert Greenleaf of Servant Leadership, some names that you may be familiar with and know that every one of those approaches fits beautifully inside this framework. It’s an extra gift that we have in the structure of Legacy Leadership that it encompasses everything that we’ve already learned and allows us to be an ongoing student of leadership in our lifetime.

Jeannine: Brenda we did that absolutely on purpose. We really did so that you could start anywhere. You could use the assets you already had, build on strength all before going to your growing edge of your next leadership competency.

Brenda: Growing edges. Opportunities for us to speak about such things as growing edges [laughs] as we move along –

Jeannine:  Just a reminder that as we’ve talked in a linear fashion about the five models or the five best practice in the model that the key power where Lee started in our conversation, the key power of the model really comes from who you are versus what you do, that setting those values of who you are you’re attitudes to life, your beatitudes become the core behavior that you’re modeling demonstrating.  Living your legacy in real time.

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