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What is Legacy Leadership™?

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Basic Assumptions of Legacy Leadership™:

  • Legacy is created by leaders, who develop leaders, who develop leaders for a multi-level maximization of leadership abilities and characteristics. The legacy resides in others rather than the leader.
  • Leaders have a need for a comprehensive systemic model to follow that meet the needs of all leadership abilities throughout their careers. This is found in our 5-Practice Model with 50 Critical Success Skills.
  • Leaders serve others first, then themselves.
  • Legacy Leaders are holders of vision and values, are creators of trust so that innovation and creativity can occur, are influencers of inspiration and leadership, are advocates for differences and community, and finally, they are calibrators of responsibility and accountability. These practices embody a simple, yet sophisticated and elegant approach to leadership.

Foundations and Theories on Which the Model is Based

Current leader books and articles cover various aspects and techniques of leadership, but do not deliver a comprehensive model.  We hear stories every day about the lack of strong leadership talent, and associated lack of practices that leaders can utilize.  Legacy Leadership™ includes competencies and practices with immediate applicability to most every possibility and challenge leaders face today.  These practices embrace both vision and accountability for results, as well as methods for creating an environment for team success, strong and dependable relationships and maximizing the talents of diverse perspectives and strengths.

Some organizations have a set of competencies with which to measure their leader performance; others do not.  In either case, Legacy Leadership™ provides a sound structure for such competencies to reside.  With the structural map of the 5 Best Practices, you get a full and complete picture of the designation your leader development program will go, for you personally, and for those you lead.

Legacy Leaders® become students of leadership while focusing on building other leaders who build leaders, who build leaders.
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