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What is Legacy Leadership™?

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Applications of Legacy Leadership™

We often are asked: “Are you living your legacy?  “Legacy” is commonly thought to be something you leave behind when you’re gone.  What if you were living your legacy now?  What if your vision for the future was evident in everything you do, every day?  With this model, you can be that Legacy leader.

We have isolated, defined, and made transferable the practices common to leaders who are able to achieve and sustain success – with people, product and revenue.  These common traits, taken together, formulate our 5 Best Practices.  We found that these practices are common in all great leaders, whether it be the ancients whose successes leap from the worn pages of history, or the Fortune 500 leaders of today – and will continue to be observed in the leaders of tomorrow.

The practices apply to every aspect of leadership –

  • From the vision and values to developing direction and commitment.
  • From creating an environment of trust to having collaborative working relationships.
  • From influencing others with great presence to connecting with the heart of individuals.
  • From advocating differences to being committed to communities.
  • From calibrating for results to strong execution and performance.
Legacy Leadership™ is a philosophy, a model and a proven process for bringing out individual best, developing other leaders in the organization, establishing organizational leadership culture, and positively impacting the bottom line.

And, Finally…..Growing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Now, like no other time in history, there is a need to develop strong leadership abilities.  Using a model with proven success for both the best of times and worst of times, Legacy Leadership™ embodies a compelling and comprehensive set of competencies and skills.  Legacy Leaders® lead the way for others to follow to the edge of current development and beyond.


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