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The Leadership Spectrum

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Ruby Red

  • Assertive/Clear
  • Building Leadership Around Engagement/Accomplish- ment
  • Best Working Environment: Strong Formal Accountability

Azure Blue

  • Persuasive/Caring
  • Building Leadership Around Interests/Purposes
  • Best Working Environment: Strong, Supportive Culture

Golden Yellow

  • Informative/Objective
  • Building Leadership Around Expertise/Knowledge
  • Best Working Environment: Strong Formal Operations


Viewing Other Preferences


Ruby Red Leaders

  • Azure Blue
  • Wishy/Washy: “Bleeding Heart”
  • Dreamer: Looks Over Our Heads While We Are Trying Solve the Problem
  • Golden Yellow
  • Uninvolved: “Bean Counter”
  • Analyst: Sits Back Planning When We Need to Take Action

Azure Blue Leaders

  • Ruby Red
  • Cruel: “Heartless”
  • Blunderer: Moves Forward Without Knowing Which Direction in Which to Move
  • Golden Yellow
  • Indifferent: “Soulless”
  • Calculator: Views Everything From the Perspective of Numbers

Golden Yellow Leaders

  • Ruby Red
  • Arrogant: “Bull in a China Shop”
  • Ignorant: Moves Forward Without Knowing If Sufficient Resources Are Available
  • Azure Blue
  • Irrational: “Soft Hearted”
  • Dreamer: Always Ignoring Reality and Thinking Only about the Future
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