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Becoming Who You Really Are

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A more-available-possibility can be to start with influencing a subsystem. It may be possible to influence some segment of the larger entity – a particular relationship, a department, your own family inside the larger culture – even if the larger encompassing unit ignores or resists.
If you have or can enlist enough influence (even political power in backing), then education of others in a new way of looking at things as to, “Who We Are” or can Become — does have a good chance of actually becoming that way.  Patience may be required for people to believe you really mean it.., but it can happen.
A difficulty in larger institutions often is that competitive self-interest, distribution of power and influence, and sole focus on profitability can make it difficult to actually care about and respect the interests of all members.  Each of us wants to get ahead, whatever that means.  Neighbors can become means to an end.  And that can result in very narrowly focused vision.
That brings us back to the beginning.  Becoming who you really are is both a necessary and challenging individual undertaking.  But on larger and larger system scales, it is also one that is necessarily social.  That is, it’s something that usually must be done with other people.  A significant challenge then is:  “How to become who you really want to be, and take a next step together that could be seen by anyone seriously affected as desirable – or at least not dangerous?”
If you were to wonder for a moment, what might you try toward becoming more who you really are – for yourself, and with a broader team around you?

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