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Curated 2016: An Alliance

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Curated 2016: An Introduction
IPCPA: A New Publishing Alliance

Section One: Coaching Tools and Strategies

To Give or Not to Give (Advice, That Is)
Brian Underhill

Don’t Be a Cheerleader!
Teri-E Belf

The Process of Reflective Coaching: Levels of Inquiry
William Bergquist

De-Stress Your Clients in 5 Minutes or Less with These Guided Meditation Scripts
Emma-Louise Elsey

10 Life Vision Exercises and Ideas to Help Your Clients Get Inspired by Life!
Emma-Louise Elsey

How to Use the Wheel of Life Template to Create Meaningful Goals!
Emma-Louise Elsey

Soul Meets Purpose
Tim Kelley

Managing Life Transitions
William Bergquist

Fear is the Messenger
Nancy Gerber

Learning Coaching from Good and Poor Sessions
Carter McNamara

The Practice of Creative Indifference
Charlies Smith

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