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A Sample Chapter of Seal the Deal: The Essential Mindsets for Growing Your Professional Services Business

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Self-Assessment Quiz: How ready are you? Test your “seal the deal-ability.”


I am confident and comfortable in the process of selling professional services.

I no longer feel like I am just winging it or hoping for the best.

I have a model, a process, and a roadmap in place for sales.

I know the distinctions between networking, marketing, and sales, and I know how and when to use each one and all three together in my business development strategy.

I know the nine mindsets of networking and how to leverage my networking skills in alignment with my business development goals.

I know how to play the numbers game, manage my time inside the sales process, and easily set up meetings with prospects.

I know the specific goal for each step of the sales process.

I know how to handle gatekeepers and objections.

I have a genuine and natural style for leading sales conversations with clients and I do not use any techniques, gimmicks, or tricks.

I quickly build trust and rapport and I demonstrate my credibility right off the bat.

I am adept at quickly grasping the client’s situation and I know how to integrate my success stories into the conversation to demonstrate how my services can help them with what the client’s business is going through.

I provide value and support in the first conversation and create collaborative partnerships with my clients.

I know how to subtly and masterfully seal the deal and seamlessly manage the transition from sales to service.

I have sustainable systems in place for tracking my progress and managing follow-up.

I have fabulous resources for proposals, pricing, and contracting.

I know how to leverage excellent customer service into new business; I consistently expand the sale while serving the client.

I know how to build business while billing time through referrals and lessons-learned meetings.

I am skilled at letting go of my attachment to any particular outcome. I focus my energy on following the ten steps of the sales process and trust that the results will come.

If you answered true to all of the above statements, then put this book down and walk away! There’s nothing in here for you. If you answered false to fewer than five of the above statements, then you are well on your way to sales success, and the notions in this book will help you fine-tune your business development efforts for ultimate success. If you answered false to more than five of the above statements, this book is just what you’ve been looking for to help you get on the path to sealing deals and succeeding in your business, so read on.

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