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The Neurosciences and Coaching II

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We return once again in this thirty second issue of The Future of Coaching to findings from the neurosciences as they relate to professional coaching. Neurobiological studies of memory, emotions, stress, interpersonal relationships, neuroplasticity and many other aspects of human life are broadening and deepening our perspectives on the professional coaching enterprise—while pointing the way to new coaching strategies and tool.

Some of the essays includes in this issue of The Future of Coaching were published in the Library of Professional Coaching (LPC) when the neurosciences were just beginning to emerge as revolutionary subdisciplines of biology (often overlapping with subdisciplines in the field of psychology). Other essays have appeared more recently and focus on specific issues that hold major implications for professional coaching.

Summary Findings

We first offer several essays providing a summary of findings from the neurosciences that hold implications for the practice of professional coaching.

Neuroscience Findings and Coaching: A Summary List
Bergquist (2011)

This essay includes “animation” questions which were posed at a symposium sponsored by the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations (ICCO) held in Seattle on June 14-15, 2007. These questions concern the implications of neuroscience research for the professional of coaching. They are worth pondering for anyone involved in the field of professional coaching.

Neuroscience Findings and Coaching: Survey Findings
Bergquist (2022)

As one of the initiatives in the ongoing research being engaged on behalf of the New Executive Coaching Summit (NECS), the Institute for Research on Professional Coaching has conducted an online survey regarding recent Neuroscience research and insights gained from this research for executive coaching practices. This essay provides a brief verbal report that summarize some of the results from this survey.

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