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Neuroscience Research Survey: Summary of Findings

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As the fourth initiative in the ongoing research being engaged on behalf of the New Executive Coaching Summit (NECS), the Institute for Research on Professional Coaching has conducted an online survey regarding recent Neuroscience research and the implications of insights gained from this research for executive coaching practices. Following is a brief report being made by Dr. William Bergquist that summaries some of the results from this survey:



Following is a written version of the power point slides presented as well as a summary of comments made by the presenter and a listing of the 10 neuroscience findings presented in the survey:

First Impressions
There were 29 respondents
All ten of the neuroscience findings seem to be relevant:
Very few respondents indicated that a specific finding was too speculative to be seriously considered.
Very few respondents indicated that a specific finding was interesting but had no implications for executive coaching practices.

Main Themes
Self-Exploration/Increased Self-Awareness on the Part of the Coaches
Importance of Stress and Risk Management
Importance of Bio-Psycho-Social Perspective on Coach-Related Issues (Including Emotional IQ)
Importance of Appreciative/Strength-Oriented Perspective in Working with Coaching Clients

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