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Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey 2013: Executive Coaching at the Summit

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Welcome to the eighth annual Executive Coaching Survey. The eight annual Executive Coaching Survey received responses from coaches, HR and training professionals, and business leaders in 53 countries, an all-time high.

This report is a service of Sherpa Coaching, a team of authors and educators based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. This year, as always, we polled coaches, clients, HR and training professionals and a wider group of professionals with an interest in leadership development. Here are three themes that tell us executive coaching continues to attain new summits:

Reaching New Heights

Executive coaching clearly occupies a place as a permanent fixture in the modern organization. The perceived value and the credibility of coaching are at all time highs. A breakthrough in our 2012 report was confirmed and strengthened this year, as coaching’s value and credibility continue to rise.

Going New Places

The response to this survey demonstrates, year after year, that executive coaching is spreading across the globe. Coaches, executives, HR and training professionals from 53 countries participated this year, breaking all the records.

Creating New Cultures

Demand for coaching has grown. It will continue to rise. As coaching takes hold, it changes corporate cultures: the way people relate, behave and interact inside business, governments, schools and non-profits. One-on-one coaching has given birth to team coaching and ‘coaching skills’ programs for managers and executives.

Publisher’s Note

Feeling a little pressured? Is life moving a little too fast? That is true for quite a few people. In addition to our usual questions and answers, this survey asks for comments on the state of the industry and business in general. We give the coaching community free reign to tell us what they think. Managers and executives share their point of view, too, along with HR and training professionals.

This year, we learned things we never anticipated. A vast majority took time to leave comments. The theme that stands out is centered on coaching clients and the immense pressure they operate under. Key words that came up over and over were change, complexity, pressure and stress.

An executive coach from Washington, DC commented: “Coaches are being called upon to help clients deal with the complexity of change, managing stress on a day-to-day basis.”

Executive coaching is a rapidly growing business for a very good reason: Business people are challenged to work harder, work faster and produce better results. The pace of change is accelerating. Personal lives can fall by the wayside. What we knew yesterday isn’t enough, especially as we become a global economy.

Acting under duress, we aren’t always on our best behavior. With looming deadlines, we often fail to communicate clearly. In an environment of uncertainty, it can be nearly impossible to stop and make sense of the world we live in. We think about ‘things’, but don’t make time to reflect on ourselves. That’s where coaching comes in.

A coach in South Africa tells us that: “Coaching provides a place of safety in which executives can explore, reflect and make decisions about change.” From Bahrain, we have this comment about the way coaching benefits clients, as it offers: “The opportunity for professionals.

Full report is available by clicking download below.

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