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Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey: 2011

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Executive Coaching Survey

Demand for Coaching

It’s  nearly  impossible  to  know  how  much  coaching  is  going  on,  or  how  much  revenue  it generates. There are estimates floating around that seem to get increasingly higher. This year, for the first time, we asked both coaches and business professionals to predict the demand for coaching in the coming year. Our respondents gave us their answers, along with quite a few detailed comments. They tell us that the economy has affected the amount of coaching taking place, where coaching is directed and how much coaches earn.

In addition to those changes caused by the economy, there will be changes in the demand for coaching due to purchasers’ awareness of coaching and their experiences, both positive or negative. An executive coach in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) offers: “Coaching is growing.  As more people recognize the need for inspiration and guidance, the more they will see coaching as a method of gaining self-confidence and moving towards a higher aspiration. ”

What will demand for coaching look like in the coming year? Executive coaches are, on the whole, much more optimistic than their customers. Almost eight out of ten executive coaches are forecasting an increase. Only half of other business leaders see an increase in the coming year.

Will demand for coaching change this year? 2011 Sherpa survey responses:

Will demand for coaching change this year?

This is the first time we have asked about demand for coaching. It’s a question we will ask in upcoming surveys, so we can track the accuracy of our responses.

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