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How to Get Hired: 10 steps to being the top candidate

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Landing a job isn’t easy. If you apply online to a critical job and get screened, you still only have less than a 1 in 250 chance of getting hired. To land the job you need to enter the process in a way that sets you up for success and play an active role in the process. Here’s how:

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1. Define what you actually want and why you’re qualified Nothing turns off a recruiter like a candidate who doesn’t even seem to want the job they’re pursuing. Take the time to define what you want in this next role and why you’re a fit for it so you can communicate it throughout the process. If you can’t explain why you want the job or why you’re a fit for it, you don’t stand a chance.

2. Identify and track leads Organize your job leads in terms of people in your network and job postings you’ve found for specific companies. Do some research within your network on LinkedIn and for ideal roles that are posted online so you don’t waste your time applying to every role you find. When you batch activities together, you can get a lot more done.

3. Reach out for informational interviews You’re anywhere from 14x-125x more likely to land a job by getting referred than applying online. The best way to get referred is by having a conversation with someone at that company. Those conversations only happen if you ask for the conversation.

4. Prepared for informational interviews When your requests turn into scheduled calls or meetings, it’s time to prepare for that conversation. This person is more likely to refer you if they like you, think you’re qualified for a position, and enjoy the conversation. You can increase the likelihood of this happening by research the individual, the company, and industry trends in advance.

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