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4 Powerful Coaching Tools in Videos Featuring Laura Berman Fortgang

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You’ve seen her on Oprah and The Today Show, she’s been on the TEDx stage, she’s one of the founding mothers of the industry of coaching and she’s here to share four great video resources with you!  Laura Berman Fortgang is known as a pioneer in the personal coaching field. A five-time best selling author, business owner, interfaith minister, community volunteer and a parent to three, Laura is not short on stories to tell and lessons to teach.  Here, you’ll find a sample of tools and wisdom you can share with your coaching clients in the form of videos featuring Laura, who thrives on performing on stage (her first love was theatre).

1. TedX Talk  How To Find Your Dream Job Without Ever Looking At Your Resume

2.  Ask New Questions, Get Better Results (If the answers won’t come or you’re stuck in a negative pattern, changing your questions (“Why me? Why can’t I…?”) will change your outlook and your ability to take action.)

3.  Demystify The First Block To Clarity—Now What? Know Who You Are Get What You Want based on “Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction”. How long have you been trying to decide on what to do? Contemplating a job change … a promotion … or a whole new direction to improve the quality of your life can be confusing and intimidating.


4.  And from one of the many characters of Laura—Something From Life Coach Lurlene:  Make Your Dreams Come True (Video no longer available)

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