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The Silent Self-Doubt of Powerful Performers

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So how can you be confident?

More than ever before, the secret to powerful performance and a successful executive career lies in having confidence in yourself, your abilities and especially in your personal presence as a leader.

• Real security lies in playing the game with the confidence of an entrepreneur. Get comfortable with the fact that there is no job security. Keep up your networks, get skilled at negotiating, and be prepared to go into job search mode on short notice.

• Remove self-doubt at its core. It takes courage to face our fear. This is where coaching is a useful tool. (I also have a coach myself.) The benefit of having a partner to help us fully explore, understand and create strategies to eliminate self-doubt can be invaluable.

• Rather than base your self-confidence on your title and compensation package, build a new self-confidence. One based on being crystal clear about what your contribution is and its value—independent of what company you may be in at the moment.

Genuinely confident people do not have to pretend that they’re all-knowing or invincible. They realize that their performance is only one variable among many in determining their longevity. Powerful performers have confidence in who they are. And in today’s world, that confidence forms a critical foundation for their success.

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