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Pathways to Sleep: Invitation to the World of Sleep Coaching

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Becoming a Sleep Coach

Clearly, the challenge of getting a good night of sleep is something most of us face in our daily life – and most of our coaching clients face in their personal life. The lack of high-quality sleep impacts our health, our ability to concentrate, our ability to work effectively and our overall quality of life. To provide you with an even better sense of what would be available to you as a participant in the Pathways to Sleep Project and as a subsequent receipt of information related to Sleep Coaching, we offer the following preliminary summary what researcher tell us about sleep and with some initial guidance toward getting a good night of sleep. These findings can help to buttress you own work as a sleep coach.

Human beings need sleep. This is fact of which we are all aware. Not all animals need sleep—a surprising fact and a fact that challenges us and forces us to ask a basic question: Why do we have to sleep? Why does evolution give up vigilance and consciousness in favor of a state of unconsciousness and the loss of vigilance when we are asleep? We are vulnerable to attack from other entities, including other people when we area sleep. Why risk the absence of consciousness and vigilance for the sake of sleep? This doesn’t seem to be very adaptive. If some other species don’t need to sleep, then why are humans saddled with the challenges of falling asleep and somehow surviving when asleep?

The What and Why of Sleep

Here are some preliminary answers—though research on the benefits of sleep for humans is still underway and we are likely to know more in another year or two than we do now. Before focusing on these benefits, we would like to set the stage by describing something about the unique way in which our brain lets us know that sleep offers such important benefits. Our brain, in fact, is willing to short-circuit all other functions of our body to demand that we fall asleep.

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