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[Videocast series pilot 4] Sleep and Motivating the Movement

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This is the third video in a new service we are piloting for you, our viewers and community at the Library of Professional Coaching. Please take a look and comment below with your thoughts about:



  •  Exercise is the most effective pathway to high quality sleep.
  •  Exercise is elusive due to old habits, lack of time, cost, lack of enjoyment
  •  Impact: Exercise reinforces the circadian cycle, triggers long-term stress-reduction, enhances the desire to sleep at night.


  • Recreation: Exercise re-creates enjoyment: playing a sport, walking or doing something else that is inherently enjoyable.
  • Avocation and Vocation: movement achieves outcomes (gardening or walking dogs) or as part of a regular physically demanding job.


Here are links to two resources related to this videocast, which are housed at a different library.

The first link is an essay that offers an overview of the first cluster of sleep pathways—the ones concerns with healthy habits:  Pathways to Sleep IA. From Health to Sleep Introduction to Component One


The second link is to the first health-related pathway: exercise. This essay directly complements content presented in this videocast:  Pathways to Sleep IB: From Health to Sleep–The Exercise Pathway



If you missed the first videocast in this pilot series, visit [Videocast series pilot 1] Stress: Ruts, Lions, and Lumens

Find our second videocast here:[Videocast series pilot 2] Sleep: Segments, Bridges and Cycles

The third one is here: [Videocast series pilot 3] Workplace Stress: Job-Related Authority, Responsibility, Support and Influence

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