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[Videocast series pilot 1] Stress: Ruts, Lions, and Lumens

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This is a new service we are piloting for you, our viewers and community at the Library of Professional Coaching.  Please take a look and comment below with your thoughts about:

1.  Do you find this of interest and useful?

2. Is it too short, too long, or just right?

3.  What is your interest level on a scale of 1-10 in the future in purchasing a subscription to a series of videos like this one that would be produced once every two weeks? (Ratings: 1 = no interest, 3 = I’d watch but not pay for them, 5=I’d subscribe for a trial of this service to see if I like it, 7=I’d subscribe for 3 months, 10=I know this will be wonderful and I’ll subscribe for a year at a time!)

Connected to this video is an article you might enjoy, please visit: Managing the Stress

Be sure to visit the downloadable article linked above for more on this topic, including specific tactics and strategies for managing stress.

Find our second videocast here:[Videocast series pilot 2] Sleep: Segments, Bridges and Cycles

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  1. Petra Platzer

    April 6, 2020 at 1:17 pm

    I find the concept interesting – and – my learning style is visual, vs auditory, so strictly auditory talking is not useful to me. When there is concurrent visual diagram drawing or storytelling, then these are more useful to me. Therefore, my first response is that I would not be interested in subscribing to mini-lectures, whether free or subscription-based, but would be interesting in exploring a platform/model that has a little more diversity in learning-style modalities. I appreciate this is a learning edge for us all, in these current times particularly. I am grateful to your group for stepping into some innovative ideas & seeking out feedback within your process. Kudos!


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