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[Videocast series pilot 2] Sleep: Segments, Bridges and Cycles

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This is a new service we are piloting for you, our viewers and community at the Library of Professional Coaching.  Please take a look and comment below with your thoughts about:


  1. Accept sleep segments and bridges: It is alright that your night of sleep is divided into two or three segments (especially as you grow older) and that there are bridges between these segments that often mean getting out of bed to do something else for a short period of time.
  2. Recognize the cycle: We each have unique circadian cycle that strongly influences when we wish to go to bed and when we wish to wake up. The sun plays a major role.
  3. Appreciate differing sleep preferences: Some of us are “early birds” (early to bed and early to rise) while others are “night owls” (late to bed and late to rise). These differences are often wired in, though we tend to become more early birds as we age.


  1. Make sleep segments and bridges attractive: Make the additional segments different from the first segment and bridges interesting – so that you look forward to (rather then dread) the disrupted sleep.
  2. Discover your sleep preferences: During days when you don’t firm obligations (such as work, childcare, etc.) try out different times of going to bed and waking up to discover your own preferred cycle.

Connected to this video is an article you might enjoy, please visit: Pathways to Sleep I: An Introduction

Be sure to visit the downloadable article linked above, which contains further information about the concepts presented in this video, well as more general information regarding the achievement of high quality sleep.


If you missed the first videocast in this pilot series, visit [Videocast series pilot 1] Stress: Ruts, Lions, and Lumens

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