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G.R.A.C.E at Work: A Model of Transformational Workplace Relationships

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A vital leadership model for today’s business environment would be one based on trust and transparency that can weather the storms of outsourcing, downsizing and any “unpredictables.” It would create a compelling vision that captures the hearts and souls of those engaged in the pursuit of the organization’s goals, and generate mutual benefit for employer and employee.

And this approach is precisely what is missing in today’s corporate culture. Relationships died during the transition from a social contract for lifetime work to a frantic, distrustful and self-advocating work-survival culture. The organization, employer and employee may have dealings together, but relationships have been abandoned. We conduct transactions, but fail to achieve transformations.

GRACE: Goodwill, Results, Authenticity, Connectivity and Empowerment.

The complete article, originally published in choice:The Magazine of Professional Coaching, can be downloaded below.


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