Career and Self Esteem

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From an early age, school, parents, family, our social environment, enhance the standards of success, which are mainly associated with the working professional. For example, how many times have we heard that person X has a successful career, which means more money, rise in the social hierarchy and a high valued “prestige”?

Indeed, people who have achieved their goals in their professional field surely cannot only be described as “lucky.” Certainly they are people who have the talent of communication, self-awareness, self-discipline and most important, they have strong faith in themselves and their talents. Furthermore, they are people who do not give up easily on their goals. Rather they are the ones who persist even when everyone else is wondering if it’s still worth trying!

There are many examples in recent history of people who have managed the impossible even when the rejection was their daily routine such as Walt Disney, the Beatles, Steve Jobs and many others. Why do I mention this? Because the common denominator of all these people is that they did not expect initially to be accepted by the wider public. In other words, they didn’t build their careers first, and their self-esteem followed … the contrary happened: Because they had high self-esteem, they were able to create the conditions, in order to become the scene makers of their own success.

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  1. Anthony Gkinopoulos

    May 7, 2014 at 4:32 am

    Excellent ….. and inspiring. Thank you Avra


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