Head-Heart-Gut Approach to Coaching

Vikki Brock July 3, 2017 0
Head-Heart-Gut Approach to Coaching


In today’s society we are encouraged to focus mainly on providing our head brain with facts and figures which can lead to information overload. We also need to use our two other brains to processes our feelings (heart) and listen our intuition (gut) to help keep us in balance. Consider trying this exercise for yourself or with your client:

  1. Take a problem/opportunity you are experiencing right now in your life or a decision you need to make. To help you see more options and come to right answer for you, take a few moments, focus on problem/opportunity and then begin breathing exercise into each of your three brains.
    • As you breathe into your head ask yourself: What do I think about this situation?
    • As you breathe into your chest ask yourself: How do I feel about this situation?
    • As you breathe into your belly ask yourself: What are my gut instincts or inner voice telling me to do?
  2. Write down, draw or talk out loud to yourself answers or insights you come up with. Then follow through with what feels right for you. For example; take no action just yet and take your time; take action; ask for help; or get more information before moving forward.
    • Head – thinking brain (think) – Use your thinking brain and words to express your feelings and inner voice (intuition) in a respectful and honest way with people in your life.
    • Heart – feeling brain (feel) – Listen to your heart and how you really feel. Then honor your feelings by expressing or saying what feels right for you.
    • Gut- intuitive brain (know) – Listen to your gut instincts and learn to trust your inner voice then act on what are good choices for you to make in life.

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