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Supervision and the Future of Coaching

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William Carrier and William Bergquist

[Guest Editor: Vikki Brock]

Welcome to this issue of The Future of Coaching magazine, whose purpose is to add more substance to the discourse of coaching—and to do so in a flexible and positive way.  Our intent with this issue is to present a balanced perspective on coaching supervision, mentor coaching, and peer consultation within the coaching profession.


It wasn’t all that long ago that when we wrote about coaching, our metaphor was of the Wild West.  The ongoing joke was that, if you could hang a shingle with your name on it, you could be a sheriff or a coach.  Sometimes, we now write about those days with a sense of loss (and sometimes with a sense of good riddance, too).

Our profession, it is clear, has evolved and is evolving.  For one thing, when we say “profession” no one blinks or laughs because we are now a multi-billion dollar industry.  More importantly, for most of us, our collective impact magnifies the output, the potential, and the joy of many other industries and many other leaders.

We will explore in this issue one of the ways coaching is changing:  a current trend toward “supervision.”  We’ll look at the term itself; we’ll check out the larger trends in which it occurs and some of the ramifications of supervision’s possible growth; we’ll explore some alternatives and some accomplishments; we’ll hear from the pros and the cons.

One of us, in particular, our Guest Editor, Vikki Brock, has invested a good amount of time in charting this trend.  It’s particularly appropriate, since one of her claims to fame in our profession is her extensive and impressive charting of the history of coaching.

We’re now talking about the future of coaching itself—appropriate, don’t you think, given our magazine’s title—and some may say that future is a Bureaucratic Wasteland or an Island of Order, the Wild West Returned or Camelot by Coaching.  Regardless, it will serve our clients, our profession, and ourselves to make sure we know where we want to go and where we are headed—and if they are the same thing or not.

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  1. Rey Carr

    November 12, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    Fabulous issue. Very thought-provoking articles. I say this not because mine is one of the articles. I’m honoured to be in this group of great thinkers and writers, all dedicated to improving the quality of coaching available on the planet.


    • Avatar photo

      Suzi Pomerantz

      November 12, 2015 at 3:04 pm

      Thank YOU, Rey, for your wonderful contribution!


  2. Vimala Suppiah

    November 22, 2015 at 11:35 pm

    Thank you for this very “much needed” conversation on supervision. Currently I live and work in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia as ICF Certified Coach.
    My need for “support, mentoring, wise counsel” hit me hard when I started coaching and came home thinking..”who can give me support” and found no one. When I discovered coaching supervision and spoke about it in Kuala Lumpur within the growing coaching community here, everyone thought I had 2 heads!!

    I have since co-founded the Association for Coaching Supervision and Mentors-ACSM and we are working relentlessly to raise awareness of WHY supervision is important as we grow and work as Coaches not only in Malaysia but in Asia Pacific.

    I am passionate about supervision and more so in this part of the world where ICF’s presence is growing and yet supervision is not yet in their DNA. There is much need to chart the professional growth of coaches via reflective practices and via mentoring/supervision..I see it as a “must”.


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