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Supervision and the Future of Coaching

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Williams – Supervision in psychology is extensive and required for postdoctoral students in the US. Supervision is the wrong term for coaches and fulfills one of the duties of a fully engaged mentor coach. Coaches are an unlicensed profession where peer consultation for professional development, self-reflection, challenges, etc. is a good ethical principle.  Author suggests calling this process Coaching Consultation.

Lawrence – Australia guidelines for coaching in organizations requires all coaches to be engaged in professional supervision.  Yet the industry does not agree what coaching supervision is nor who is qualified to act as a supervisor.  Coaching borrows ideas from a range of disciplines. This author looks at research supporting supervision, identifies six approaches to coaching supervision, and shares results of it’s own study with coaching clients.

Carr – Eleven coaching trends are identified that will have dramatic impact on future of coaching. These include (among others): glut of coaches; niche coaching; proliferation of credentialing schemes; and influx of parasites. While well-meaning, reasonable and making sense for individual practitioner survival, the big picture perspective appears to form an unintentional whole that results in a confused and at times baffled general public with regard to the coaching industry.

Brock – Published in the Spring 2015 Journal of the Association for Management Education and Development issue that focused on the future coaching and mentoring – evolution, revolution or extinction?, this article explores the potential for detrimental consequences and inappropriateness of imposing supervision on coaching practitioners, versus the established mentor coach approach. It also includes the chronology of coaching supervision within the coaching field.

Moral – The history, situation and trends of coaching supervision in Europe are factually presented, along with definitions and identification of the key coaching supervision associations in Europe.  Accreditations for coaching supervision, the role of European Union, and scenarios for evolution of coaching supervision are included through a European perspective.

Goldvarg and Zuvanic – A key player in mentor coaching and more recently in coaching supervision is the ICF.  This article describes the ICF approach to mentor coaching since 2010.  Results of an interview survey administered to Latin American senior Mentor-Coaches for the purpose of building a model for mentor coaching competencies are shared.

Brock — Finally, we have our usual book review (Bookshelf), which in this instance is quite timely, focusing as it does on books regarding coaching supervision.

Bill Carrier

Vikki Brock
Guest Editor

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  1. Rey Carr

    November 12, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    Fabulous issue. Very thought-provoking articles. I say this not because mine is one of the articles. I’m honoured to be in this group of great thinkers and writers, all dedicated to improving the quality of coaching available on the planet.


    • Suzi Pomerantz

      November 12, 2015 at 3:04 pm

      Thank YOU, Rey, for your wonderful contribution!


  2. Vimala Suppiah

    November 22, 2015 at 11:35 pm

    Thank you for this very “much needed” conversation on supervision. Currently I live and work in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia as ICF Certified Coach.
    My need for “support, mentoring, wise counsel” hit me hard when I started coaching and came home thinking..”who can give me support” and found no one. When I discovered coaching supervision and spoke about it in Kuala Lumpur within the growing coaching community here, everyone thought I had 2 heads!!

    I have since co-founded the Association for Coaching Supervision and Mentors-ACSM and we are working relentlessly to raise awareness of WHY supervision is important as we grow and work as Coaches not only in Malaysia but in Asia Pacific.

    I am passionate about supervision and more so in this part of the world where ICF’s presence is growing and yet supervision is not yet in their DNA. There is much need to chart the professional growth of coaches via reflective practices and via mentoring/supervision..I see it as a “must”.


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