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Lost Souls? [Inspired by Stratford]

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Cards on the table!  I was a member of the board of the European Mentoring Centre when the decision was made to add the word ‘coaching’. I was also part of the board that made the decision to change the basis of the ‘Centre’ so that it could become a ‘Council’.  At that time the mission was to reach out, to be inclusive and to represent all those interested and involved in mentoring and coaching activity wherever they may be. The early days of conferences attracted people from the many and varied worlds of, mainly mentoring activity.

I don’t have the numbers, but I have noticed that over the years there are fewer variations in the background of the participants at conferences.  Most are coaches, consultants with a few smatterings of businesses represented. Gone is the diverse and eclectic mix. So, let’s consider what has happened.  Where are the lost souls?

I checked the EMCC website today and it says this:

The EMCC exists to develop, promote and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe and beyond, for the benefit of society.

Our vision is to be the “go to” body in mentoring and coaching.

For 2012-17 we have the following strategic objectives:

Regulatory Affairs:  To ensure compliance with commitments contained in the Code of Conduct, to strengthen self-regulation and to keep the legislative environment under review.

Offerings:  To be the market leader in Europe in providing a broad range of services perceived as the most reputable offerings for our members and others in the world of mentoring and coaching.

Brand:  To be a recognized professional brand in mentoring and mentoring worldwide.

Growth:  To grow EMCC membership through affiliate development and expanding geographical coverage.

Research:  To lead professionalisation by being a link to, ‘translator of’, and catalyst for mentoring and coaching related research.

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