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Five Steps to Breaking Free

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Whether it’s our heart, our leg, our mind — any dis-ease is the beginning of imbalance. Often the temptation is just to ‘get a pill’ so that we can go back to life as usual. Or maybe to have a drink or two, or take an extra lover or two, or an extra pill or two, or go online and buy a bunch of stuff, or eat a whole cake. Each response is designed to block out some sort of pain that our surface mind does not want to recognize or face. But in every single instance I can tell you, the pain is there to tell you something in your life needs to change.

As M. Scott Peck talks about in The Road Less Traveled, if a broken knee had no pain, we would walk on it until our leg fell off.  What good would that do us? The great metaphysician Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith tells us, “The pain pushes you until the vision pulls you.” All these teachers know this to be true: pain is a gift.

Today, I am a practicing, thriving healer who has the privilege to help others. It all started with my willingness to embrace my pain and get to the root of what is causing it. That, and a willingness to change, is the very first step in breaking free of any expectations — cultural or otherwise — which might be trying to hold on to Things As They Are, instead of breaking free into that great unknown.

2.  Be willing to be a Seeker.  Pain can wake you up; being a Seeker is the next  step in moving toward spiritual liberation.

My studies in Ayurvedic and Yogic medicine, as well as metaphysics, have helped expand my awareness of what is and what can be. They helped open my eyes to being present, to really getting the fullness out of each moment. I am still learning how to do this, and there is no end, but the journey is a blast and is an experience I would not trade for the world.

These ancient methods have helped me manifest anything in my life I have ever wanted, including a record deal and giving birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy at the age of 45. Opening my eyes to these ancient forms of healing and universal truths has made me a Seeker. Seekers are those who are willing to step outside the ‘norm’ of anything, to abandon group-think and instead embrace whatever practices inspire you to cultivate God qualities like trust, love, peace, harmony, excellence, joy, abundance, and others.

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