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A Sample Chapter of Wake Up! Your Life is Calling!

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Wakeup calls occur when you experience an event or have a powerful insight that is significant enough to shake you up and scream, “LIFE’S TOO SHORT! WAKE UP!” They remind us that we don’t have endless tomorrows. A wakeup call occurs, as I said in the book’s introduction, when you become driven by a need to move away from where you are in some aspect of your life (job, relationship, etc.) or driven by the need or desire to move toward something—a bigger job, a new challenge, or something else compelling.

The definition of a “wakeup call” includes a “portentous event that brings an issue to immediate attention” or “a sign to take action concerning something that was overlooked or neglected.” I don’t want you to have to wait for a “portentous event” or a sign to realize you’ve been overlooking or neglecting any part of your life. You bought this book and you’re receiving this message today—there’s your event and your sign.

Why is it important to recognize your own wakeup call, you ask? I sum it up simply by proclaiming that if there are changes you want to make in your life, and you haven’t started on them yet (for whatever “reason”), you are wasting precious time! Don’t wait until more time has unnecessarily passed, or it simply becomes too late. Stop empowering the reasons and excuses you are using, no matter how real and valid they feel.

Are you able to step outside of your day-to-day life for a moment and really see what a wakeup call might look like for you? Is what I’m saying resonating with you, or is it just a bunch of words on a page? How does the prospect of a wakeup call feel? For some of you, it is utterly terrifying. For others, it’s motivational. For still others, no matter how hard you try, it just isn’t real. But I’m telling you that it is very real, and the time is now to take an honest look at your life to decide where you want to make powerful and positive changes for yourself, strengthen your relationships with those you love, and create entirely new relationships with those things that have been stopping you all this time.

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