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VI. Generativity in Four Acts: Introducing the Cast of Characters

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Sally Johnson: Sally is a native of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and she attended a reputable Southern liberal arts college where she graduated with a BA in sociology; it’s also where she met her husband. After graduation Sally and her husband sought careers in Washington, DC; in time, Sally became a major fund raiser for the National Republican Party. She then served as a senior White House adviser in Richard Nixon’s White House. During this period Sally and her husband parented a son and daughter, and both became involved in anti-Vietnam War protests. Fatigued by the hubris of Washington, DC, politics, Sally and her husband moved to Los Angeles, and she established a nonprofit organization that served under-privileged children. Over time her innovation and leadership attracted the attention of the Mayor of Los Angeles, and she was awarded “Citizen of the Year” recognition in 1992.

When it came time for both Sally and her husband to retire in 1998, they visited a number of small rural communities and decided that Nevada City, California, was a perfect fit. Given her background in serving under-privileged children, Sally was invited to join several nonprofit boards, where her reputation for wise leadership prospered. Indeed, she was awarded for her community service in 2010 by being recognized as Western Nevada County Nonprofit Citizen of the Year. This led to the Center for Nonprofit Leadership inviting Sally to become one of the ten-person team who interviewed the 100 community Sage leaders. Sally is now 74, and she and her husband recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. They make frequent visits with their three grandchildren, all of whom live in Dallas, Texas.

Lisa Underwood: While she grew-up in Cedar Rapids, Michigan, Lisa decided to attend a major public university in Texas, where she graduated with a BA degree in psychology. Her marriage at an early age resulted in a male child but ended in divorce. She had the additional burden of having to care for a very ill mother for almost 45 years and serve as a guardian for her disabled nephew. After her divorce, Lisa moved with her mother and son to a Midwest city; she earned both her MFT master’s degree license and Ph. D. in clinical psychology at a major public university. After completing her 3,000 hours of supervision, Lisa and her mother and son moved to Boston, Massachusetts. Over the years Lisa established a very successful therapy practice and wrote many books on the psychology of women. This attracted the attention of her national professional organization, which she served as a board member for 12 years.

When her mother died in 2005, Lisa decided to move to the warmer climate of Northern California. She lived in Redding for three years but decided to retire to Nevada City and the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe. Lisa very quickly became sought after as a speaker and seminar leader for the Center of Nonprofit Leadership. She was invited to become part of the ten-person interview team of the community Sage Leadership Project. Now fully retired at age 70, Lisa occasionally provides pro bono services in helping Western Nevada County nonprofit governing boards to strengthen their missions and their capacity for public accountability.



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